Event time: UT 98/07/03 04:23:09

An Alert Message for this source.
An Alert Message for this source.

Sky Map

For your convenience, we provide a button which will access the STSci Digitized Sky Survey site

and generate a FITS format image of this region of sky (15 arcmin x 15 arcmin).

Please see their site for terms of use.

If you have a SIMBAD account, you can also query that database for nearby known celestial objects.

To see a list of everything catalogued within a 30 arcminute radius of RA=359.75 and Dec=8.55, click here.

Please visit the SIMBAD site to see their terms of use.

ASM Multiple Time-Series Data

More on the sky map:

ASM map is centered on the center of the diamond intersection of two ASM error boxes. The size of the map is scaled by the size of this error box. If there is a recent BATSE alert, the BATSE circle will also be plotted on this map, unless it falls beyond the range considered. Known X-ray sources from the full ASM catalog are also plotted as diamonds, with labels to the right.

What's interesting in the Time-Series Data:

For each dwell that contributed to the alert, a plot of the three-energy-band time-series data will be included in this web page. The count rates are displayed in 1-s bins, and the X-axis is labelled in seconds from the BATSE trigger time, if there was a recent BATSE trigger. Otherwise, the zero point is simply the start of the 90-s observation. If there are multiple alerts from the same part of the sky, the MTS data from later observations is only plotted if there is evidence for unusual variability.

This web page is designed to help you easily evaluate the ASM rapid "crossbox" alerts. Please direct any suggestions you might have to make this page easier to understand to Don Smith.