MIT workshop on Magnetized Accretion Disks: 2006 October 19-20

MIT held a small and relatively informal workshop on October 19 and 20, 2006 on Magnetized Accretion Disks in Black Hole Binaries.


Program and Presentations

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General Motivation: QPOs and the steep power-law spectrum of black hole binaries are commonly seen, but we have no paradigm. Many authors suggest that the solution must come from magnetic activity in the accretion disk. One concept, the 'Accretion-Ejection Instability' model (Tagger & Pellat 1999) for magnetic spiral waves in highly magnetized disks, has several promising features, but it has received insufficient critical review by theorists. Other proposed QPO models could were also vigorously discussed at this workshop.

The science themes of the workshop are the following:

1. Discuss observational topics that motivate considerations of magnetized accretion disks in X-ray binary systems.

2. Evaluate the 'Accretion-Ejection Instability' that produces magnetic spiral waves in magnetized accretions disks.

3. Discuss alternative models that may link magnetic disk activity to phenomena such as jets, QPOs, and high-energy radiation in X-ray binaries.

4. Set goals and strategies for future studies on magnetized accretion disks.

The target program is: 10 X 30 min talks = 5 hr 20 X 15 min talks = 5 hr open discussions = 4 hr There will be no registration fee, thanks to MIT and a small grant from the MIT-France program.